Support Black Businesses This Season!

With Black Friday being one of the largest shopping days coming up, many small black owned businesses are getting ready to roll out their Black Friday sales
Let's jump start our support of black owned businesses by signing up for their newsletters and start supporting them early. 
Here is a list of 30 Woman Owned Black Businesses you can support this FALL!
1. Obeah Wellness Studio: Shop
2. Bask and Bloom Essentials: Shop
3. Koils By Nature: Shop
4. CCs Naturals: Shop
5. Jacqs Organics: Shop
6. Coco'Pie Clothing: Shop
7. Demosea: Shop
8. Tea + Shade: Shop
9. Happy Mango: Shop
10. Saige & Ivy: Shop
11. The Afro Whisperer: Shop
12. Cream & Coco Skincare: Shop
13. PiperWai: Shop
14. The Crayon Case: Shop 
15. Oh So Paper Co: Shop 
16. Motherland Essentials: Shop
17. Natural Annie Essentials: Shop
18. BLK + GRN: Shop
19. Golde: Shop
20. Bloomsbury Square: Shop
21. Chloe & Chad: Shop
22. Healing Place Apothecary: Shop
23. Movita: Shop
24. The Honey Pot: Shop
25. Demosea: Shop
26. Marla Rene: Shop
27: Blue Sage Eco Boutique: Shop
28. Alodia Hair Care: Shop
29. Elon Wick Candles: Shop
30. Choiselle: Shop
Make sure you sign up for newsletters and follow everyone on Social Media! 
Thanks for your support!


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